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Pre-teens & Teenagers

Life can be tough sometimes...

Hello and thank you for looking at my website.

I really enjoy working with teenagers and pre-teens as I feel that life can be tough sometimes. Working with me means that you will find out about some ways to make life easier to cope with!

My approach would be to meet you, have a chat, find out what you’re struggling with, then put together a plan of action. I would expect to work with you for up to 6 sessions over a 3 month period. This enables you and me to do a variety of things as follows:
- I share some strategies with you
- You use the strategies and see what works well for you
- We meet again to share what’s been happening and notice the difference the strategies are making in your life.

The many teenagers I have worked with are happy with both the sessions and the outcome of working with me as they feel more confident, more able to cope with life and have the skills to thrive.

If you want to change your life add in the positive change for 30 consecutive days or stop doing the negative behaviour for 30 days and it becomes a good habit!

The strategies my clients learn are for life not just for one issue.

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