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It isn’t always easy and we don’t always get it right

As parents we try to do our best by our children. It isn’t always easy and we don’t always get it right but we do our best and hope that our children realise it once day! Our children don’t always listen to us meaning a third party professional such as myself can be a useful way of improving communication.

I am a friendly, qualified and experienced Coach who can help your teenager (or pre-teen) to understand some of what is happening to them and how they can thrive not just survive through life’s challenges.

By gaining the young person’s trust I quickly build rapport, establish what the issues are and then share some strategies that they can use to make their lives better.

I maintain confidentiality at all times which means that I will not share anything the young person doesn’t want me to unless it is a child protection issue in which case I inform the young person of what I am doing. The feedback that I give parents is that their young person is receptive to what I am sharing and that they are using the strategies. However, what usually happens is that the parents can see the difference in their children and that is the real joy in what I do!

Some comments I’ve received from parents are:

“Before working with you my daughter generally lacked self-belief and didn’t know what she wanted to do in life. I want to say a big thank you for supporting my daughter; she has been working hard and feels so much more confident now”

“Thank you for helping boost my daughter’s confidence. It is so lovely to see her blossoming and achieving her potential”

‘Your coaching during my daughter’s experience of cyber bullying helped her regain her self-esteem and get back on track to confidently re-focus on her exam revision. As a family we cannot thank you enough.’

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